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Executive Board Members


Julia Grogan

Bio:  I’m from Denver, Colorado and picked up rowing my freshman year at Miami. Outside of rowing, I also compete with MU Club Swimming and am a member of Beta Alpha Psi. I love doing jigsaw puzzles, riding my bike, and eating tacos. MURC has given me the opportunity to pursue competitive sports and find a family on campus. Come join our squad!

Vice President

Ronan Driscoll

Bio:  I am from Madison Wisconsin, where I rowed for Camp Randall Rowing Club in high school. In addition to rowing, I enjoy hockey, running and hiking. I met all of my closest friends here at Miami through MURC and I'm so happy I continued rowing here! 

Women's Captain

Jenna Prahst

Bio:From the Cleveland area, I rowed for 4 years with my high school team on the Cuyahoga River. I decided to continue at Miami since I have found that rowing is where I've met the greatest people and where I've made my best friends. Joining MURC has been my greatest decision and it is what made Miami feel like home.

Men's Captain

Timothy Binnig

Bio: I am from Westerville, Ohio where I rowed on Westerville Crew for five years. At Miami, I am a Pre-Law and Public Policy Scholar on the pre-law track. In addition to rowing, I have a job as an Event Production Team Crew Leader at the Armstrong Student Center, enjoy gaming, and love to cook.


Kelsey Woods

Bio: From outside Boston. Proud owner of an Aussie and a Great Dane/Lab mix. Working towards a career in oncological reprogramming. Outside of rowing, I do research in the Interstitial Cystitis lab as a coder and histology lead, and in the Center for Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics. Also part of Girls Who Code, STEM Society, the Alternative Break Program and the weekend volunteer program with CCES.

Regatta Coordinator

Megan Chunias

Bio:  I was born and raised in Sudbury, MA with my parents and my four siblings. A fun fact about my hometown is that we have the most historical zip code in the country... it is 01776! I started coxing on the team fall of my freshman year and I am going on my 4th season with MURC. On-campus, I am also a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon and Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Equipment Manager

Will Kulis

Bio: Hi, I'm Will and I do equipment stuff.

Chair Positions


Ryan Gerbitz


Safety Chair

Sarah Flowers

Bio: I'm from Columbus, Ohio and I started rowing in high school for Arch City. I didn't plan on joining in college but I'm very glad I did! I've met my best friends here at MURC and my love for the sport has grown even more. Outside of rowing, I am involved in Greek life and some visual arts clubs. Other than rowing, I love listening to music, flowers, ice cream, painting, and vines! Can't wait for another great season!

Internal Fundraising

Madison Turner

Bio:  When I came to Miami, it was the first time I completely started over - new place and new people. Since I had rowed in high school, it was a no-brainer to join MURC. It was amazing to find something familiar and comfortable so quickly after coming here. MURC has not only introduced me to people that I consider family, but given me experiences that I will remember long after leaving and I honestly can’t imagine my time at Miami without them.

External Fundraising

Andrew Slawson

Bio: I am from Powell, Ohio, but I have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. I played soccer in high school, but wanted to try something different at Miami which is why I joined MURC. Outside of rowing, I enjoy being part of the Asset Management Club and reading. I also studied in Barcelona in the spring of 2019.

Publicity Chair

Ivan Wehner

Bio: I am from Columbus, Ohio, and I started rowing in high school for Dublin Crew. Since I began rowing, I have enjoyed every minute, and joining MURC has continued that trend. MURC has allowed me to make great friends and have some of my favorite college experiences. Outside of rowing, I love being outside, hiking, cycling, and travelling.

Social Chair

Bella Perez


Head Coxswain

Hannah Forgo

Bio: I rowed for my high school in the Boston area and have loved being a part of the team at Miami. Since joining, I have transitioned from being a rower to a coxswain and my love for the sport has grown so much because of my incredible teammates. Outside of rowing, I serve as the VP of Finance for Women in Business and I am a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity. I love creating pottery, eating mac and cheese, and being outdoors!