Executive Board Members

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Alec Greenberg

Bio: Hi – I’m Alec Greenberg and I have the pleasure of serving as the President for the 2021-2022 school year. I’m a Junior Engineering Management major with a minor in Economics, originally from Richmond, Virginia. I started my rowing career in high school with River City Crew where I was on the team for 4 years and served in both Head Coxswain and Men’s Captain roles. At Miami, I’ve been with the team for 3 years, since the fall of my freshman year, and I’ve previously had the opportunity to serve as Head Coxswain. MURC welcomed me from the very first week on campus, and my goal is to ensure that everyone has the same welcoming and fun experience that I did, while still successfully competing at the high level of racing events we attend, as one of the only completely student-run clubs on the water. 

Vice President

Tristan Sprenger


Women's Captain

Janie Petraglia

Bio: From Lincoln, Massachusetts. I have been on the team for five seasons, joining MURC in the spring of my freshman year. I began rowing inspired to compete after swimming competitively in high school. Making a similar commitment to MURC has unmistakably been one of the best decisions I have made in college. I can testify that if you’re willing to try something new, this is the team to join! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested! I’m majoring in Kinesiology on a Pre-Physical Therapy track and minoring in Nutrition. I grew up an avid Boston sports fan and remain one today, and love attending sporting events. Through my great experiences on the team, I have met so many amazing people and developed some of my lifelong friendships.

Men's Captain

Ivan Wehner



Taj Simmons


Regatta Coordinator

Kaelyn Conaway


Equipment Manager

Ben Champagne


Chair Positions

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Zach Dyer


Bio: My name is Zach Dyer and I am serving as the secretary chair on the 2021/2022 rowing team. I am a biology pre med major hoping to become an ophthalmologist once I finish schooling. You can usually find me playing hockey, hunting, or fishing in my free time between rowing and school.

Safety Chair

Liam Griffin


Internal Fundraising

Julia Korpusik


External Fundraising

Katie Kulis


Publicity Chair

Riley Wilson

Bio: Hi! I’m Riley Wilson and I am a junior majoring in Marketing from Cleveland, Ohio. I joined the team my second semester freshman year without ever rowing before. Being on the team has been a great experience and it has been so fun learning about the sport!

Social Chair

Tina Suto

Bio: Hi my name is Kristina (Tina) Suto! I am a junior and currently studying biochemistry with a co-major in premedical studies. I also am minoring in Spanish and nutrition. I am from the Chicago suburbs and joined rowing my second semester of sophomore year. I really enjoy traveling and trying new things! If you’ve never rowed like me, come out for a practice and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it!

Head Coxswain

Rachel Duff

Bio: Hi! My name is Rachel Duff and I am from Hamilton, Ohio. I have been on the team for 1 season but have been rowing for 5 years. I am Majoring in Nutrition and Pre-Medical Studies with a Minor in Dietetics. Fun Fact: I am an identical twin sister.