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About Us

Rowing at Miami is a year-round sport. The team participates in head races in the fall, trains throughout the winter, and competes again in the spring in sprint races. The team travels to regattas near and far including Cleveland, OH; Boston, MA; Rockford, IL; and Chatanooga, TN. 

Rowing at Miami is a club sport, which means the team is run for students by students.

We were once blessed with a wonderful coach, Randolph "Duck" Wadsworth, who has more than fifty years of experience with the sport, but today the team is entirely student run by our Executive Board elected by the team each year.

History of MURC

The club's first meeting was in the fall of 1986. Flyers were posted around campus, judging interest in beginning something great. That fall, twenty individuals would congregate five days a week at six in the morning to do circuit training in hopes of making it on the water in the spring.

The club started with weights created out of plumbers' pipe, empty industrial food cans, and concrete, plus one erg. The following fall, the first twenty members loaned an eight from Cincinnati and stored it in a shack at Hueston woods.

In 1987 the club saved enough money to buy a 4, and would sleep on the gym floor of schools to participate in regattas.

The team was officially funded by the school in 1988, making us one of the oldest club sports at Miami. Each year we have become larger and more competitive.

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