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Capital Campaign 2021-2022

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Help us meet our $20,000 goal for a new women's eight.

$16,140 / $20,000

Starting in the Fall of 2021, the Miami University Rowing Club executive board opted to launch a Capital Campaign to raise funds for our aging equipment. This campaign is just one part of the boards initiative to revitalize our fleet. Our current fleet age is currently 17-18 years old. As part of our boards initiative, we are aiming to progressively reduce the age of our fleet to 4-7 years old. With the purchase of our Men's Varsity eight, we were able to reduce our average boat age by several years and the purchase of a Women's Varsity eight will help further. Due to our financial constraints as a team and our promise to our athletes to keep rowing affordable, we rely on our continued support from our Alumni and friends.


Our current capital campaign for the 2021-2022 school year is geared towards purchasing an eight (2012 or younger) for our Varsity Women’s team. The Varsity Women’s squad currently row a boat that was manufactured in 2001 and is being rowed by mostly rowers younger than the shell. As our equipment ages, it becomes more unreliable for our team to row. Upkeep of this equipment is vital to the success of our Varsity Women and our program as a whole. Our fundraising goal in order to secure a boat for our women’s team to row is $20,000. Even small financial contributions will go a long way to help meet our goal and we appreciate any support we may receive.

Want to contribute?

If you are interested in contributing to our campaign goal, please click the button below to be taken to our donation portal through Miami University. 

Note: As a result of our affiliation with Miami University as a student organization, we do fall under the university's 501c(3) classification as a non-profit.

Contribution Tiers



Receive an engraved gold plate displayed in our boathouse.


$100 - $499

Receive an engraved silver plate displayed in our boathouse.


$50 - $99

Receive an engraved bronze plate displayed in our boathouse.



Major Contribution


- Gold Tier Plate Engraving
- Name on seat you purchase
- Certificate of seat you purchase

Limited (only 9)



Major Contribution


- Gold Tier Plate Engraving
- Naming rights to the boat
- Certificate of boat name you purchase

Limited (only 1)

Want to make a major contribution?

Due to limited availability of some of our major contribution tiers, please contact us if you are interested before making your gift so we can ensure that there is still availability of the donation tier you are interested in.

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