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April 9, 2022

We are looking forward to seeing you at RedHawk Sprints! If you have any questions please contact our Regatta Coordinator:
Mia Marshall

Race Schedule

*This is a tentative schedule, additional heats and final heats will be added as needed depending on the number of entries. Lane assignments will be determined a few days before the regatta.


Entries should be registered through RegattaCentral. Deadline is April 2nd EDT, 2022.

Late Entries

Any entry requested after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of
the Regatta Director based on the availability and subject to a $25 per boat late fee. A late entry will not be accepted if it creates an additional heat.


  • The racecourse is a straight 2000-meter course located on Acton Lake in Hueston Woods State Park, home to the Miami University Rowing Club.

  • Final 1000m of the race will be visible to spectators.

  • The course will be 1 boat per “lane” and marked each 100m.

  • There will be a floating start, please ensure coxswains are familiar with these.

Map of Acton Lake in Oxford, Ohio for RedHawk Sprints Regatta

Course Map-Click to expand


Directions to the Hueston Woods Nature Center will bring you to parking right next to our boathouse


Trailer Driving Maps

Parking Map-Click to expand

Trailer Driving Route-Click to expand

Trailer Driving Route-Click to expand

Trailer Parking-Click to expand

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